Everything You Need to Make Your Coffee Perfect

If you are to become a true coffee connoisseur—and we at Sweet Java Dreams know you want to!—you need to not only have the highest-quality grounds, but also state-of-the-art coffee preparation and consumption gear. Excellent coffee grounds can be completely wasted through improper brewing or serving, and all the time you spent selecting the perfect coffee will be for naught. 

If you’re ready to deck out your home coffee station, you’ve come to the right place! From start to finish of the coffee-making process, we have the gear you need to succeed in the coffee-brewing arena. 

Let’s begin with the grinders. If you’re opting to buy whole beans, you’ll need a powerful grinder to turn those into drinkable gold. We have a selection of top-tier coffee grinders for every home and every budget. For newbies and anyone on a budget, the La Povoni Mill Grinder is an excellent choice. Mean and lean, this little guy will get the job done, so you can enjoy a great cup of java without breaking the bank. 

For those seeking to bring an Italian cafe experience into their kitchen, we also carry commercial-grade grinders, like the La Povoni Zip Grinder. The Zip requires a commitment of counter space and so is not for the faint of heart! If you’re not ready to yet make that commitment, we also have grinders in smaller sizes and at lower price points. No matter your needs, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our store. 

Part of making it well is rattleware—all the accessories needed to make a cafe-grade cup of coffee. These are tools you’ll see in your favorite local cafe, which baristas use to whip up incredible espresso drinks. One of the most important pieces of accouterment, for instance, is the graduated bell pitcher. These are necessary to create most espresso drinks. 

And to keep your kitchen counters spick and span, don’t go without a drip tray! We carry everything from tampers to foam knives, so no step will go amiss in the pursuit of incredible coffee!

We carry everything from tampers to foam knives, so no step will go amiss in the pursuit of incredible coffee! 

For a neat place to store your beans or grounds, take a look at our gorgeous canisters. Each canister is a little work of art and will not only keep your precious coffee safe but will also be a gorgeous addition to your kitchen. 

And if you’re looking to share a cup of coffee with friends, you’ll need some extra goodies on the table for them! In our table top section, we carry charming accessories like pitchers and shakers. And if you really want to wow your guests, get yourself a set of cups. They’ll go a long way in enhancing the drinking experience. But be careful—some of your guests might come knocking on your door again every day for the foreseeable future! Might be a good idea to gift them with some coffee of their own…

Browse our accessories today and start your journey toward perfect java

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