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AeroPress Filters

Microfilter means no fine grounds in your cup (unlike a French press) Made in the U.S.A. ..


Aluminum Tamper

A great basic tamper; generously proportioned to be easy on your hands Total Height: 3.5in. ..


Angular Handle Stainless Steel Tamper

Features a highly durable, impact resistant ABS handle with a flat top. Diameter of handle at wide..


Bean Scale Scoop(s)

This Bean Scale Scoop makes weighing and pouring coffee beans easy. The flat base sits evenly on t..


Black Pitcher

What's special about Rhinoware’s Teflon Professional Milk Pitcher? These non-stick milk pitchers ans..


Blue Pitcher

Rhinowares Stealth Milk Pitchers stand apart from other models. Developed by people who understand..


Blue Silicone Grip(s)

Rhinowares Silicone Pitcher Grips - Blue. Rhinowares Silicone Pitcher Grips are available in various..


Brew Pitcher(s)

A shatterproof alternative to shot glasses.The handle provides protection for your fingers from the ..


Clear Shot Glass with white logo imprint - 1.5 oz.

Barista Pro Shop shot glasses are made to last. Marked with a 1 oz. fill line, these are the perfect..


Drip Tray - 4.5"

No more coffee puddles on the counter, use this tray to catch airpot drips Dimensions: 4.5in. / 1..


Dual-spouted Shot Glass - 3 oz. - with Handle

Rhinowares has answered the call for a double-spouted shot glass that combines durability and functi..


Easy Steam™ Thermometer(s)

Simplify steaming with this innovative thermometer.  The Original Easy Steam Thermometer feat..


Flat Bottom Whisk(s), 10.5"

Flat bottomed whisk works great for stirring powders and thick syrups away from the bottom of your g..


Foam Knive(s)

The curved blade is fabulous for holding back foam. And yes, you can use it for cream cheeses. ..