Regular, Flavored and Cups: No-Nonsense, All-Goodness Coffee Blends

Coffee is everywhere. Advertisements abound for the latest seasonal blend and incomprehensible brewing method. On each street corner, you can find a coffee shop or café. Even in grocery stores and department stores, you will find coffee sellers hawking their wares. The market is overrun with high-end roasters, low-end roasters, and everything in between. 

But which coffee is actually good? And more than that, which suits your tastes? The confusion is compounded by the fact that there are only so many coffees you can enjoy in any given week. How is a person supposed to decide which coffee is worth filling a precious cup with?

If you find yourself contemplating such distressing conundrums, then you’ve come to the right place. At Sweet Java Dreams, we gather the best coffees money can buy. No more guessing, no more $5 cups of artisanal java that tastes like it came out of a vending machine. Our approach to coffee is no-nonsense: find the best and then sell it in all its forms. 

Our coffee selection is broken into three segments: Regular Coffees, Flavored Coffees, and K-Cups and Pods. Pretty straightforward, right? We aren’t trying to confuse you or get you to buy the wrong product. Our main goal is this: for you to enjoy your coffee. 

Within each segment, you’ll find a wide range of astonishing blends. We carry the greatest variety of regular coffees, from the aptly named Heaven’s Blend to the incomparable Barista’s Blend. We do our best to stock blends that appeal to every taste, so no coffee-drinker goes uncared-for. We describe each blend in terms any coffee drinker can understand, so you don’t have to decode meaningless descriptions. 

Even coffee purists will fall in love with our Flavored Coffees. Not everyone enjoys the bitterness of coffee, and Sweet Java Dreams wants to cater to those among us whose sweet tooth is bigger than their caffeine-tooth! Our flavored coffees trend toward sweet, so you’ll find enticing blends like Caramel Dream, and Chocolate Covered Cherries. Drink it with dessert or in place of it; either way, this coffee will deliver on its flavor promise. 

A coffee trend that has swept through the community in the past years is coffee pods. For ease, flavor, and portability, pods and k-cups cannot be beaten. Offices have moved toward cup-based systems and many coffee aficionados have brought cups into their homes. Purchase your favorites here and bring them to work or store them in your glove compartment, so they’ll always be on hand. You’ll find our most popular blends in pod form, including our Dad’s Blend and the ever-popular Heaven’s Blend.    

We here at Sweet Java Dream love coffee and we want to spread the love of coffee. Many coffee sellers aim to make coffee appear to be an exclusive and price-prohibitive indulgence. Not us. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy their favorite cup of joe on their own terms. So browse our regular coffees, pods, and flavored coffees today. You’ll find your old mainstay or maybe even a new favorite!