Mushroom Coffee Products

Mushroom Coffee Products

Mushrooms with Healing Powers

So, here you are. You have probably arrived at this page because you are a coffee mastermind; you know every blend on the market, have sampled every espresso beverage, and understand how to rank them in order of fullness of body. There is nothing left for you to learn about coffee. Which is why, when you read about Mushroom Coffee Products, your interest is piqued. 

Unfortunately, you can’t make coffee out of mushrooms. But, you can make restorative and healing beverages that resemble coffee out of mushrooms! Chaga mushrooms grow on the bark of birch trees in cold northern climates in Siberia, Northern Canada, and Northern Europe. For centuries, they have been used to improve immunity and overall body functions. Now, awareness of this mushroom is growing, and now the chunky, gold-colored fungus is available in various forms right here at Sweet Java Dreams

If you’re interested in sampling Chaga, we carry it in many different forms for your tasting pleasure. For those not yet willing to venture outside of familiar caffeine territory, we have Premium Chaga Coffee, a blend of Canadian Chaga mushrooms and Arabica coffee. 

Willing to experiment solely with Chaga? Try our Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder mixed in with a smoothie or other beverage. We are also big fans of the Chaga Cinnamon Powder, which combines the health benefits of Chaga with the familiar deliciousness of cinnamon. It’s perfect for anyone new to Chaga!

And if you’re already a Chaga-head, you might want to get yourself some of our organic Chaga chunks. Drink them steeped in hot water or as part of a smoothie—these amazing little mushrooms will improve any drink you put them in!

Begin your Chaga exploration today and add a new favorite beverage to your list alongside coffee!

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