Regular Coffees

Regular Coffees

The Best Blends for Every Taste

Welcome, and congratulations for being here! You have obviously made the decision to take care of yourself and consume the very best coffee money can buy. We commend you on your commitment to taking your coffee game to the next level. 

If you are new to coffee and to Sweet Java Dreams, this is probably the first place you are visiting in your quest for the perfect cup of joe. This is only the beginning of the journey toward coffee perfect, and we are excited for you to discover all the accessories, flavored coffees, and organics that you will encounter along the way! 

But we are getting ahead of ourselves! First, you need a favorite cup of regular coffee. Happily for you, we stock a wide variety of regular coffees, so no matter what your taste, you’ll find something to your liking. 

Our Heaven’s Blend is...well, heavenly! Made from beans sourced from Brazil, this graceful coffee has a medium body and caramel aroma—perfect for newcomers to coffee and long-time fans alike. 

For a café-like drinking experience, you’ll want to pick out our Barista Blend. A complex, rich, and surprising blend, this coffee is perfect for those who think they’ve tasted it all! We assure you that you’ll be blown away by this truly awesome roast.

And if caffeine-power is what you seek, our Morning Jolt blend will be your go-to. This coffee has the power to zap you out of your sleepy state and get your brain in gear for the day ahead. 

Can’t decide which blend to get? Buy a few bags and see which you like! It’s best to have a few on hand to suit your mood. For every hour of the day, a different coffee!

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Above Treeline Blend

Like a soft blanket of snow, this medium roast will enchant you with a smooth flavor and sweet ..


Barista Blend

Our most creative and lively blend, it breaks preconceived ideas and forgoes the earthy richness of ..


Barney's Secret Blend

A blend of flavors and aromas to create a different coffee experience. ..


Black Velvet

Dark, rich, and robust while remaining smooth with a hint of sweetness. ..


Cold Brew Bulk Kit New

Cold Brew Bulk Kit

If you love cold brew, then you will love our new bulk kit! Each kit includes 12 ground coffee filte..


Cold Brew Packet New

Cold Brew Packet

No-mess Cold Brew, guaranteed. Make this Iced Coffee Concentrate at home or work. Freshly, roasted c..


Colombian Supremo Dark Roast

A classic. Superior quality beans expose the bright character and clean taste of this Latin American..


Costa Rican Tarrazu

A strong, clean finishing coffee with naturally sweet, chocolate undertones. ..


Dad's Blend

Lively and very flavorful, this coffee will hit every taste bud while remaining rich, smooth, and fu..


Espresso Gold

Dark roasted, rich, and robust. This espresso has a very rare bean added to it to create an enormous..


Espresso Smooth

Indonesian, Brazilian, and Colombian beans are roasted slowly to produce a smooth espresso that is n..



Walking the line between medium and dark roast this spirited blend has a vivacious body and a flirty..


First Tracks

First chair, fresh tracks, cresting the summit at sunrise...We aim to recreate that rocky mountain h..


French Roast

A very dark roast of rich, full-bodied Sumatran and sweet Brazilian coffees. ..


Gilles Gold

A unique four bean blend that is smooth yet bold at the same time. Some customers use this blend in ..