Teas to Soothe the Soul

We at Sweet Java Dreams believe that few things are close to being as good as coffee. Tea is one of them! Tea is like eager coffee’s more easy-going friend: both are good on their own, but even better together. 

Because let’s face it: coffee isn’t appropriate at all times. To get yourself ready to attack the workday, coffee is your necessary go-to. But what about calm weekend mornings? What about evenings when you want to unwind with a cup of something warm and listen to your favorite jazz album? What about nights in front of a fire surrounded by your loved ones? What about days when you’re feeling under the weather and need something warm to soothe your aches and pains? Coffee doesn’t quite seem like the thing then. 

Tea, on the other hand, being just water and herbs, can be drunk just about any time. Over the millennia, tea cultures have sprung up around the world, bringing with them special rituals and social gatherings that have nourished civilizations since the dawn of time. 

Tea has even played a huge role in global politics—just think back to elementary school American history class. It was the Boston Tea Party, not the Boston Coffee Party!

What’s more, many teas have incredible healing properties that have been deployed by brewers for ages. Certain blends have physiological effects and are able to reduce inflammation, support digestion, and clean sinuses. Other teas also are able to calm and clear the mind, making them perfect post-work beverages. Our Moonlight Spice tea is just such a blend, and anything with Chamomile in it is sure to untense your muscles and your mind at the end of a long day. 

Other blends still exist purely for their pleasurable taste, which is a form of healing in itself! Teas like our Vanilla Bean and our Green Tea Tropical simply taste exquisite! 

For every time of day and for every possible occasion, there is a perfect tea. We believe strongly in having a large selection at home, and so have gathered a huge variety of teas for you. Our collection is broken into hot and cold teas. Because warm weather should never stop you from having your fill of tea! From the healing to the sweet, our hot teas cover every mood, discomfort, and gathering. Our hot teas are top-quality, packed with flavor and carefully chosen leaves. 

In our cold tea section, you will find everything you need to brew your own ice-cold tea right at home. For those among us who don’t have the time to let the sun heat our tea, we also have jugs of Classic Black Tea and Southern Style Tea. We even have a Tea Shandy for those hot summer days when a lemonade sounds kind of good, too! Lucky for you, you don’t have to choose. 

Peruse our selection of incomparable hot and cold teas and pick up some boxes for you and your loved ones! Let our teas work wonders for you!