Coffee Makers that Will Rule Your Kitchen

The golden throne of any coffee-lover’s java court is, of course, the coffee maker. The beans are key, the accessories are important, and the grinder is essential. But when we think about brewing that perfect cup of coffee, our mind’s eye always conjures up an image of the coffee maker, perched majestically on our kitchen counters, awaiting supplications from the humble grounds.

So, you’re going to want a coffee maker that will live up to expectations. If you’ve been brewing your coffee in a cheap maker you picked up at a grocery store, it’s time to make a change. You’re serious about coffee, so your maker should be, too. Sweet Java Dreams carries all the finest coffee makers, so your machine looks as regal as it should. 

And by the way, we know that everyone likes their cup of joe brewed their own way. Not everyone loves espresso, and not everyone loves the basic cup of black coffee. That’s why we carry makers of all kinds, from the ornate espresso/cappuccino machines to the cold brew stations. For every taste, a maker!

If true Italian espresso drinks are what you crave, but you can’t regularly hop on a flight to Italy to seek them out in the alleys of Rome and Florence, we have a solution for you. We carry the finest Italian espresso and cappuccino makers that will bring every bit of the Italian cafe experience right to your kitchen. Our La Povoni makers come in all shapes and sizes, designed to meet every taste and budgetary need. 

Perhaps you are a fan of pods, simple solutions to the problem of no-time-in-the-morning. Our Rapido espresso maker will take good care of you by brewing an exceptional cup of coffee with very little intervention on your part. 

If you’re willing to invest a little more time and effort, and you want an attention-grabbing piece of machinery, may we humbly present to you the La Povoni professional maker. This truly showstopping maker will put all your other kitchen appliances to shame. It will also change your life. It may also become your new best friend. If you’re ready to make a drastic life change, get yourself a professional coffee maker. You’ll never be the same again. 

If you’ve hopped on the cold brew bandwagon, we have everything you need to make a mean cup of brew for hot summer days. We carry a full cold brew system that has everything you need to get your cup of joe started. Our system is designed to eliminate much of the acidity from your cold coffee, so you can have a wince-free caffeine fix! 

In addition to our full system, we also carry filters, decanters, and replacement brewing containers. Shop at Sweet Java Dreams, and you’ll always be equipped! 

If French Presses are your go-to’s, we’ve got them in all shapes and sizes, along with all the replacement filters and cups you’ll need to keep running. And for nostalgic mornings, when you want to enjoy the smell of coffee wafting from your kitchen, we carry stove-top makers. 

No matter how you like to enjoy your coffee, get a maker that is dignified. Browse our selection and pick out the next king or queen of your kitchen!