Making Coffee The Best It Can Be

Coffee makes the world go around. From the vast multitudes it is able to rouse from dreamy slumber every morning, to the lifelong bonds it forms between acquaintances in cafés and coffee houses, to the groundbreaking ideas it catalyzes late at night in laboratories, studios, and offices, coffee and coffee culture have for centuries been an integral part of human existence.   

We are Sweet Java Dreams want to pay homage to the miracle that is coffee. Our mission is to spread the love of the bean by introducing you to old favorites and to new spins on coffee. We carry every type of coffee and every type of coffee accompaniment or accessory to make coffee just that much more perfect. 

Let’s talk beans. Nowadays, coffee beans come in hundreds of different shapes, flavors, containers, and sizes. The breadth of bean types can be overwhelming, but don’t worry; we carry them all. 

Traditionalist? You’ll find a huge stock of regular coffees. Sweet tooth? Take a look at our scrumptious flavored coffees. Futurist? Of course we have k-cups and pods. Environmentally conscious? Our organic collection is chock-full of coffees you can feel good about drinking. Tempted to try a coffee outside of your normal zone of comfort? Go for it—it’s all right here, and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Though we know it’s hard to believe, coffee isn’t always the optimal source of caffeine. Sometimes you need something more calming, something mellower, something that will keep you from bouncing off the walls. For those hours between coffees, we carry a wide selection of teas. And not just any teas. Our teas are top-of-the-line, selected for both their incredible taste and their soothing properties. Most of our teas are certified organic and all of them are certified delicious. Our thinking is: if you’re going to substitute something for coffee, it had better be good. 

Of course coffee grounds are no good without a coffee maker. Everyone likes to make their coffee in their own particular way according to their own particular budget, which is why we stock every possible type of coffee maker you might ever desire. For the real connoisseur, we have shiny Espresso and Cappuccino Machines. If operating a complicated machine early in the morning seems like too much of a strain, we also have some easy-as-pie stove top kettles. Just place, light, and let the rich smell of coffee bring you to life. 

Once you’ve satisfied all your own coffee needs, why not spread the love? There are millions of coffee drinkers out there whose need for caffeine is not satisfied. You can do something about that! Check out our gifts section and pick up a gift box for a friend or for someone in the office who just looks habitually drowsy. Not only will you be earning some points for generosity, you’ll also be making a friend for life. 

If you like coffee, Sweet Java Dreams will make you love coffee. Our amazing blends and high-quality equipment will release the very best of the bean, which in turn will release the very best you. Start browsing our collections today!