Organic Coffees and Teas to Soothe the Body and the Earth

When it comes to the things we put into our bodies, many of us feel we can never be too careful. The food we consume, the drinks we drink, the caffeine we ingest—all this has an impact on our health and well-being. Put bad things in, you get bad things out! Feelings of sluggishness and tiredness can often be attributed to a poor diet. That’s why many consumers opt for organic products, and that’s why we at Sweet Java Dreams carry them!

What exactly does “organic” entail? Organic foods are foods that are produced without the use of synthetic substances, GMOs, sewage, or radiation. In brief, organic foods are made as “naturally” as possible, without the intervention of humans. Organic products are typically better for the environment and have a less considerable pollution footprint. 

Many people prefer organic products because they desire to limit the amount of bad or questionable stuff entering their bodies. We live in an age when much of our food is heavily processed and often made of ingredients we’ve never heard of before. It’s difficult to know how any given chemical or additive will impact your system, so lots of people opt to go organic and save themselves the worry. Organic means you can trust that what you’re putting into your system is created by nature and not a factory!

We are big fans of organic products and carry a wide selection of organic coffees and teas. Many of our best-selling coffees are, in fact, organic—Dad’s Blend, Rainforest Blend, Peruvian all are made sustainably and without the use of inorganic productions or additives. Sounds like some feat, right? We think so, too! We are impressed every single day by the quality of the products our vendors create and their commitment to the environment. We’re also impressed by the fact that we can offer these incredible products at the same price point as our regular coffees. Most of all, we’re impressed that with organic coffee, you don’t at all have to sacrifice flavor for ethics! 

When it comes to tea, some of the best blends are the best for the environment, too. We are especially proud of our tea selection, which is second to none in variety and deliciousness. We split our selection into hot and cold teas. In our organic hot teas section, we have everything from Organic Matcha loose tea to class Organic Earl Grey, to our healing Organic Better Belly Blend. No matter when and why you drink tea—every morning with breakfast, when you need to ramp up your concentration, when you need a sweet sip after dinner, or when something is ailing—we have an organic tea to suit your needs. 

We hope our passion for organic has been infectious! Browse our selections of organic coffees and teas today, and start making organic products part of your every day!